What we don’t know about the wine – 7 curious facts

Gods’ drink, as it is still known that inspiring grape juice, called wine

A good taste for all kinds of occasions and mood, bringing delight and pleasure for the senses. This drink exists for that many millenniums, that it had become to an exquisite tradition for different peoples and cultures all over the world. There are thousands of kinds from the gods’ drink – by colour, by taste, by origin… What we don’t know about the wine? Let’s take a look together at seven curious facts, by which you shall impress your friends during your next meeting.

1. Drinking of wine contributes to improvement of the sexual life. That is probably one of the most exciting pluses. An Italian research says, that women, who drink 2 glasses of wine daily, are much more pleased of sex. Very good reason to justify the few glasses of wine drunk, right

2. The Chinese are the biggest consumers of wine. In 2013 the total quantity of wine consumed in China is 155 million of 9-litre barrels. For comparison the French consumed about 5 million less. The big consumption of red wine in China probably is due to the symbolism of the red colour, which in their traditions brings happiness. Italians, although they are the biggest producer of wine, are ranked as number 4 as consumers.

3. Not every wine helps for our good health status. The red wine is famous with its antioxidant features, which protect the heart. The white wine contains these useful substances at times less. As much the wine is good, do not cross the limit of 1-2 glasses of wine daily.

4. The name of the wine comes usually from the geographic origin of the grapes. Most of the European wines are named on the specific geographic regions, from where they origin. A very famous example is Bordeaux wine, from the name of Bordeaux region in France.

5. By the wine colour could be recognized from where that gods’ drink comes. The dark grape juices with dark shades speak about cooler climate, as the lighter shades indicates warm and comparatively dry climate.

6. The women are getting drunk with wine faster – an interesting and true fact! That is due to the ratio between water and fatin the woman’s body. Generally, the female body contains more fat than the male body and holds more water, respectively absorbing more alcohol.

7. The wine does not make us fat! Of course, that does not count if you go far over the daily limit, so consume responsibly!