Welcome! We hope to travel together in the wineworld of the Balkans!

Starting point to divine routes

Our Mission

DivineRoutes is our passion. And we simply follow it.


We'll feel it's worthwhile if upon our shared journey you say to yourself:


Bulgaria is wonderful. And this is not a cliché. I focus on the things I sense and rediscover.

I do not compare with other regions, countries, people...I do live through uniqueness.

I am back to nature and I rediscovered mysewlf. Here and now.

I know who I am and what I own. Without bragging about it.

I change, I create, I reshape of Bulgaria traveling along the route. And I leave a trace.

I get inspired by people and by what they created in tune with nature.

Wine is a wonderful result of terroir. I agree!

Best bthings happen when we communicate along our journeys. I realized!


We'll be heading our way. The trails will reveal our direction and objective.

We invite you to enjoy the journey and to discover new emotional routes!

Who are we

Legal notice

Divineroutes is a trademark of "Authentic Bulgaria" LLC - listed in the National Touroperators' Register under reg. no. PK-01-7784.

"Authentic bulgaria" LLC is the bearer of "Touroperator's Responsibility" insurance no.13160172140000013 issued by "Allianz Bulgaria" Insurance Company.

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What you should know about wine tourism in Bulgaria

In vino veritas!

Our partners

Friendships and Partnerships. We do not make an advertisement. We simply support each other and list here a small selection of recent interactions

Villa Melnik winery

Sofia office

Sofia 1111 

str. "Postoyanstvo" 67bl. А entr.

тел: (+359) 888 923 703

Visit the site

Orbelus winery

Sofia 1606

39, "Laiosh Koshut" str.

Tel.: +359 2 951 54 95

Fax: +359 2 952 24 38

E-mail: office@orbelus-bg.com

Visit the site

Medi Valley winery

Smochevo village 2641

Rila municipality

Tel.: +359 885 552 901

E-mail: office@medivalleywinery.com

Visit the site

Sintica winery


Tel/fax: +359 746 390 08

Mobile: +359 888 809 333

Mobile: +359 887 644 800

E-mail: office@sinticawinery.com 

Visit the site

Villa Yustina winery

Ustina village 4228

Mob.: +359 882 626 668

Fax: +359 32 967 960

E-mail: events@villayustina.com

Visit the site

Spyboar - camping equipment, hunting accessories

Troyan 5600

172 "Vasil Levski" str.

Tel.: +359 884 145 282

Е-mail: info@spyboar.com 

Visit the site

Wine Art winery

Drama, Greece 66100


Tel.: +302 521 083 626

Fax: +302 521 083 632

E-mail: info@wineart.gr

Visit the site

Windy Hills winery

12km western from the town of Sliven

main road Sofia-Burgas

Mob.: +359 886 467 444

E-mail: windyhills@abv.bg 

Visit the site

Dalamara winery

G. Kyrtsi 31, 59200, Greece

(1st km Naoussa) 

Tel.: +302 332 028 321

E-mail: info@dalamara.gr

Visit the site

Bratanovi winery

Harmanli, 6450

15 "Yanko Sakazov" str. (office)

Mob.: +359 889 008 860

Е-mail: winery@bratanovi.com 

Visit the site

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